Riverhawk’s Indikon 590 Probe Driver Series Overview

590 Probe DriverRiverhawk also manufactures the 590 Probe Driver Series. The 590 converts displacement sensed by an eddy-current proximity probe, to a voltage output. The 590 is designed to work with a Probe Assembly. The driver is a 3-wire device with connections for power, common, and signal output. The driver is powered typically by negative 24VDC.

The 590 is available in two versions:

  • 590x Model
  • 591Y Model

The 590X model is the standard unit and used in most cases. The 591Y model is used for the second probe when two probes are mounted in close proximity to each other, typically 90º apart on a shaft for vibration monitoring. The “X” and “Y” versions operate at different excitation frequencies, to avoid interfering with each other’s sensing operation.

Typical Sensitivities: -200mv/mil, -100mv/mil, -50mv/mil, -20mv/mil

Contact our in-house engineering team for custom applications and to learn more about Riverhawk’s Indikon 590 Probe Driver Series.

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