Types of Riverhawk Indikon Eddy Current Proximity Probe Cables

Eddy Current Proximity Probe Cables Connector Types
Model Description To Probe To Output** Material
AP-1421 Cable with Male MicroDot Male MicroDot Specify Teflon
AP-1433 Cable with SMA Connector Male SMA Specify Teflon
AP-1554 Nuclear Environment Cable w/ NPT Seal Contact Engineering Hypalon
SB-5 Special Cable w/ Tinned Ends PVC Jacket


* Pricing for cable will vary depending on length and connectors

** Connectors include Male/Female SMA, Male/Female MicroDot, Strip and Tin, Spade Lugs, Male/Female FEMA, and 3-Pin Circular

To learn more about Riverhawk’s Indikon Eddy Current Proximity Probe Cables, please contact a member of our team or build your own probe here.

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