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The Riverhawk Company was founded in 1993 in Central New York State. Serving primarily the Power Generation and Petro-Chemical Markets during the start up years, we have expanded our customer base to establish new markets in mining, construction, wind power, nuclear, manufacturing, reciprocating and steel industries. In 1999, Riverhawk acquired Indikon, an instrumentation company specializing in vibration monitoring equipment; torque metering systems, coupling alignment systems, and web deflection measurement equipment.

Committed to meeting the varied needs of its vibration customers, Riverhawk provides an extensive line of proximity probes, seismic vibration sensors, cables, drivers, transmitters, and vibration monitoring devices, all of which are designed and built to customer requirements.

Our torque metering systems, utilizing strain gage technology, have been in use for over 50 years. Using the latest digital technology, they provide the most accurate and yet cost effective torque metering system available today. Riverhawk is the world’s only manufacturer of a ‘Real-Time’ alignment system that can precisely measure coupling misalignment while the machinery is operating.

When facing a unique situation call on Riverhawk for a solution.

Learn more about the history behind Riverhawk here.

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