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Torque Measurement Systems

After purchasing the Indikon Company in 1999, Riverhawk has been manufacturing both standard and custom high performance Torque Metering Systems for turbomachinery across several different industries. In the early 2000’s, Riverhawk developed a specialized team to focus on improving the Torque Metering, Measuring and Monitoring Systems products. Since then, we have been utilizing a robust and proven technology to supply the industry a variety of designs that can be adapted into most applications.

Riverhawk offers a variety of Torque Meters for your specific application

  • Standard Torque Meter System
    • Monitors Speed, Power and Torque
  • Torque and Real Time Alignment System
    • Monitors Speed, Power and Torque
    • Monitors Shaft Misalignment in Real Time
  • Dynamic Torque Meter System
    • Monitors Speed, Power and Torque
    • Monitors Torsional Vibrations
  • Custom Torque Meter Designs
    • Ship Board Applications
    • Custom designed to meet application specific needs


Torque Metering Applications

  • Processing Compressors
  • Pipeline Compressors
  • Refrigeration Compressors
  • Feed Water Pumps
  • Test Stands
  • Ship Drives


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