Types of Riverhawk Indikon Integrated Proximity Probes

Integrated ProbesTemperature Range (-40°C to 149°C / -40°F to 300°F)
ModelDescriptionType of Tip – Dia”Gap Range1Integral Cable and SizeThread SizeConnector
AP-1263XLG ProbeLG – .25″100 mils10′ Cable Strain Relief *7/8 HexWire
AP-1264XLG ProbeLG – .25″100 mils***7/8 Hex3-pin
AP-1633XLG ProbeLG – .25″100 mils10′ Cable *7/8 HexWire
AP-1296XFN ProbeFN – .38″200 mils10′ Cable Strain Relief *7/8 HexWire
AP-1297XFN ProbeFN – .38″200 mils***7/8 Hex3-pin
AP-1299XD ProbeD – .63″400 mils10′ Cable Strain Relief *7/8 HexWire
AP-1300XD ProbeD – .63″400 mils10′ Cable *7/8 Hex3-pin
AP-1524XD ProbeD – .63″400 mils16.5′ Cable *-Wire
AP-1494XE ProbeEX – 1.25″1000 mils10′ Cable **-3-pin

1 Actual gap range will depend on target characteristics (diameter, shape, material, etc.). Contact Engineering for exact ranges

For custom dimensions of these integrated probes, please contact our engineering team.


* Integrated Cable

** Cable Included Not Integrated

*** Cable Not Included

To learn more about Riverhawk’s Indikon Integrated Proximity Probe, please contact a member of our team or build your own probe here.