Riverhawk’s Indikon SCM1100 LCD Display

Riverhawk’s Indikon SCM1100 LCD display is a graphical white-on-blue LCD that provides a variety of information. For new users of this monitor, the unit has a demonstration mode that helps with the initial familiarization.

Riverhawk’s Indikon SCM1100 LCD will display the following:Indikon SCM1100 LCD Display

  • Vibration level in large numerals at the upper left
  • The engineering units at the upper right – MILS PK-PK
  • The STATUS at the middle right – OK, ALARM, or TRIP
  • The ALARM and TRIP set-point values displayed at the bottom
  • A bar graph towards the bottom with:
    • Span values displayed – typically 0 and 5
    • An “A” and “T” at the alarm and trip points
    • A vertical bar at the alarm and trip points
    • A thin horizontal bar across the display
    • A thin horizontal bar indicating the magnitude of the displayed value

To learn more about Riverhawk’s Indikon SCM1100 Single Channel Vibration Monitor, please contact a member of our team.

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