SCM1100 Operating Features

SCM1100 Operating FeaturesThe SCM1100 system operates entirely on 48 VDC external battery power. The alarm and trip capability is not latching, but rather automatically resets when the vibration reduces below the set-point. The monitor has a delay before actuation and a delay before reset for the alarm and trip. These are initially set to one second.

The Higher Set-Point feature, HSP, provides higher alarm and trip points during start-up. This capability is activated by an external contact closure (relay or switch), typically from a supervisory system or start-up control system. Both normal set-points are multiplied by a factor that is initially set to 5, but can be any value.

An analog output is available for transmission of the vibration signal to a PLC or DCS supervisory system. It is essentially a standard 4-20mA output, but can easily be configured to provide a 0-20mA, 1-5VDC, or 0-5VDC. The span of the output, vibration level corresponding to 20mA is variable.

On the front panel of the monitor there is a connector for a configuration cable. The cable is a standard 4-wire audio cable with 1/8″ diameter plugs on each end. A configuration adapter provides the connectivity between the standard DB-8 serial port connector on a PC/laptop and the configuration cable. The configuration adapter and the configuration cable are available from Indikon as a “Kit”. Also available is a USB port to DB-8 serial port adapter, should that type of connection be required or more convenient.

To learn more about Riverhawk’s Indikon SCM1100 Single Channel Vibration Monitor, please contact a member of our team.

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